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I have been creating web sites since 1997, and have built up quite a network of sites. I have listed many of them here.

Please take your time and look around, you may find something you like.

Welcome to the BlueSparks Network

Here you'll find all the sites that belong to the BlueSparks Network.

This is my most successful web site. It has won many awards. Here you can convert just about anything to anything else.

This was one of my first sites. A searchable database of acronyms and abbreviations. A useful tool.

Do you like to play games? You'll like The Lost Jungle. Recently updated with hundreds of games in many different categories. All are free single player online games.

Thousands of Jokes and humorous Images in a searchable database. Laugh until your side splits, send jokes to your friends, receive jokes in your mailbox, rate the jokes of others, and even post your own jokes for others to read.

The Friends and Family Forum. A new message forum site specifically for getting support about issues related to Friends and Family. Such as Mother in Laws (MIL), Daughter in Laws (DIL), children, spouses, etc.

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